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When Do You Invest in Process?

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When I believe it will provide a benefit; When it is inhibiting my success; When I have to


After having numerous meetings with IT Directors through CIOs I have found myself in a quandary and welcome your advice.  I sit across executives who have much to accomplish, and much that provides opportunity and challenges within their departments.  Read More


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Have you heard of the new movement to eliminate bosses? No job titles, no traditional bosses and no corporate hierarchy.

Now, I know people have been trying to find ways to eliminate management for years but this is a real methodology that has put Zappos’ creative CEO Tony Hsieh again into the spotlight. It is one of those methods that we all hope could succeed for the benefits it delivers but question whether it can actually be done. Read More

Things to be Thankful for that you might not even know about

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As we draw close to our United States holiday of Thanksgiving, it is always a good time to reflect on all of the things that we should be thankful for. With everything in the news this last month I figured that I could share some amazing things to be thankful for that you probably never even knew existed to supplement our thanks for family, friends, freedom and overstuffed turkey. Read More


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I have been attending a variety of Cloud presentations as I am sure we all are these days. There was a trend that I found very troubling and it wasn’t the usual data security, or governance issues. You know the adage “there is no I in team”, well the trend was “there is no IT in Cloud”. Read More

Can Service actually make you want to go to a Hospital?

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The surprising answer is, well, yes.

I have had the unfortunate good fortune of being in the same hospital three times over the same number of months to experience first-hand their move to a “customer service” model. Being in the business of helping businesses roll out service to their internal and external clients I never figured that I would be part of the actual experience from a customer perspective. They are definitely learning to “walk the talk”. Read More