Service Made Simple – Our Story

Service Made Simple is an idea that has been 10 years in the making.

After years of watching companies fall short of their goals, and the gaps between IT and the Business grow greater, we wanted to make a difference. Being consultants and executives in the IT world, we had worked with both large and small clients and helped them deliver on their commitments but we couldn’t do this for everyone.

Or could we? Can we create something that is sleek and agile that organizations can use without more than consultant guidance to deliver repeatable and sustainable results? Something simple that using isn’t a project to itself.

We took up the challenge.

We came together to create a product to help our IT clients improve their services to their customers while driving organization change easier, faster and more sustainably. Build a set of IT-Service Delivery Enablement tools that were sold at a fair price, readily customizable for clients at any level of maturity, easy to implement, and simple to use.

We focus our energy and insight of industry best practices of (ITIL, ITIL Lite, ITSM, CMMi, Six Sigma Lean) coupled with our decades of experience and agile proven change method, to create simple and innovative tools to enable rapid client success through process improvement. Our tools are enablers to service not prescriptive like the Encyclopedia versions that become shelf ware. Coupled with our Change Delivery method of sprint-based change and adoption, our IT clients could quickly set up and run a Service Organization from Service Portfolio Management to Service Performance Management or any subset in between and can deliver rapid impact and value to their business customers. All without disrupting their current IT capabilities.

We knew that every organization is unique and has different needs. Our clients can pick and choose from a set of a la carte tools the exact processes, templates and training they needed to stand up their service organization. No “process for process sake” would be required.

And so in 2014, Service Made Simple, the company, was born.

What started as three toolkits sold in our Service QuickStart product suite (Service Strategy, Service Design and Service Transition) has expanded to include eighteen sets of tools.

Our IT clients are happy to have innovative options to set up their own Service Delivery Framework and help achieve the goals that their organization is counting on and we are delighted to be part of making the idea of service come alive in our client organizations.

Service Made Simple. It’s not just the name of our company, it’s what we strive to deliver and what our tools do. . .They make service simple.


Use our tools, talents, and channel partners’ strengths to optimize the success of our clients in achieving their goals.

Build a passion-driven team that works collaboratively to create a stable and nurtured consultant practice.


We focus our energy and insight on creating simple and innovative tools to enable your rapid client success.


  • Out-of-the-box, álà carte Tools

Service Made Simple provides out-of-the-box, àlà carte tools that can help our client’s “hit the ground running”

  • End-to-End Service Framework

We enable the entire Service Delivery Lifecycle from Service Portfolio Management to Service Performance Management through our comprehensive end-to-end framework

  • Rapid Results

Our tools are designed using a unique combination of best practices and innovation to be quickly implemented, simple to use, agile adoption focused and deliver rapid results

  • Best Fit

Our tools create “best fit” solutions, tailored to our client’s unique needs and service maturity level

  • Thought Leaders

Our tools and Service Roadmaps are developed by Thought Leaders with decades of experience creating solutions that rapidly deliver business value


Growth through Client Success

Success is based on delivery not financial gain. Gain comes from reputation driving expansion of clients

Best Fit Solutions

We will only sell our tools and services if they are a best fit for our clients and our team

Integrity and Graciousness

Every client and consultant is important and treated with integrity and graciousness


We hire great people, nurture them by giving them the opportunity to contribute and be recognized, and provide guidance to improve their professional strengths


We respect the value each person and relationship brings to our organization including our partners, our team and our clients. We will work out differences colloaborative.

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