Demonstrate the Value of your BRM in 90 Days

Many are striving to deliver the vision of BRM Institute for a converged strategic relationship across their organization. Our BRM clients find themselves in the enviable position of being able to have a significant impact on both the strategic advantage and financial results of their company.

Do you understand the perception of your Business Partners?

Are you confident in your capability to move beyond order taker/service provider?

Do you have a specific plan to generate results quickly within your culture?

Do you have the repeatable and efficient processes to drive your maturity and success?

The clock is ticking the minute BRM is created to show value for their investment. Our clients have taken the BRM Institute training classes and now need to know how to show value and track results quickly. That’s where BRM Made Simple™ steps in with a sleek and agile BRM business transition approach that delivers results that articulate the value of your BRM. We help both new and established BRMs deliver value and mature their organizations in 90 days.

With our “out of the box” products and Thought Leaders who are passionate about BRM, we work to deliver your “best fit” solution, especially tailored for measurable results in your organization to match your BRM maturity level and your unique organization culture.

Our BRM Experts division provides skilled BRM consultants to lead or supplement your team.

We held the meetings and our Business Partners were excited. Now what? Service Made Simple gave us what we needed to stand up Customer Value Management within our University culture.

– Manager of BRM from One of the Top 100 Universities in the United States


BRM Made Simple is proud to be a featured guest of the BRM Institute

► 9/5/2018 Webinar: How to Achieve Exponential Value from your BRM Organization

► 10/2/2018 Keynote BRMConnect 2018: BRM in the Age of Digital Transformation

► 10/3/2018 Session BRMConnect 2018: When BRM Meets Culture

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Expand your BRM Capability in 90 Days

BRM Made Simple™ gives your organization the strategic and tactical results that it expects from your BRM! With us, your BRM will quickly mature and improve value delivery and perception of your Strategic Partners.

BRM Made Simple™ will expand your BRM capability in 90 days that ensures your BRM will be ready to help your organization demonstrate value and capture results.

1. How do we help your BRM in 90 days? With four simple steps:

Understand the specific needs of your BRM

2. Is it in buy-in, tools, traceability for delivery metrics

Choose what you need from our BRM Made Simple™ Best Practices

3. We take our best in class toolkit built on Microsoft Office, to match against your BRM capability plans or your current processes to determine any gaps

Create a Journey Map to provide value in 90 days

4. We tailor our workflows, processes, templates, metrics, data models and process training that fill identified gaps to be the best fit for success in your culture

Deliver your results – a more mature and improved value based BRM

Our BRM Thought Leader works closely with you as we help you create and deliver your tailored processes and solidify buy-in from your Strategic Partners

With BRM Made Simple™, you will quickly mature and improve delivery of measured BRM value and perception by your Strategic Partners. Share your contact information to receive, "Six Steps to Optimize your BRM Program."

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