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We share our vision to boldly go where no process work has gone before

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Over 23 out-of-the-box toolkits provide templates, processes, metrics all in M/S Office. Our Thought Leaders provide the best fit, adoption and measured results to drive rapid value from your technology for standards rollout, for your organization

True process improvement in 90 days


Their process work, methods, procedures and flows are rock solid and provide the change foundation we need. Strong Change Management expertise means that all materials are being used. The consulting team was assembled quickly and staffed with top consultants with key competencies.

IaaS Director

This product helps resolve issues and increases communication between product development and the customer.

Sr. IT Software Director

I buy the tool (ServiceNow), collect analytics, and the Service Made Simple team can use their tools to tell me what to do with the data and how to fix any problems with adoption that come up.

Infrastructure VP

The Service Made Simple Team really know their stuff! (Service Delivery)

Software Development Director

I like that your methods are Enabling where we pick what we want. Tired of being forced to use what they (Big SI’s) want us to use.

Program Delivery Manager

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