Your take-away from our conversation is generally correct on how CMMi differs or can benefit from ITIL components. They can help with developing a Service mindset including

  • Market Analysis
  • Demand Analysis
  • Focus on Customer Experience, product / service processes (e.g. Help desk) & product / service marketing
  • Performance analytics and auditing (in Operations)

CMMI focuses on product development excellence not service or building customer relationships and brand loyalty.

CMMI Level 2 includes:

  • Requirements Management (but not Requirements Development which is Level 3)
  • Project Management lite (called project monitoring and control but not the full PMI Project Management discipline which is in Level 3)
  • Supplier Agreement Management (full Supplier Management is in Level 3)
  • Measurements and Analysis (Applying analytics is in Levels 3-4-5)
  • Process and product Quality
  • Configuration Management

Level 3 is Program Management capabilites and also includes

  • Verification & Validation (but not Service as defined by ITIL)
  • Training
  • Risk Management
  • Technical development
  • Training
  • Organizational Environment for Integration (which is an attempt at devops)