MSP Made Simple Toolkit 19

What does it do for a VAR?

MSP Made Simple provides “Out of the Box” capabilities to create and stand-up a new Managed Service Provider (MSP) or to optimize profitability of an existing

  • Enables a Value Added Reseller (VAR) to differentiate their service offering and create the necessary Operations Structure to support it
  • Identify process, performance and operational gaps to create plan for improvement
  • Create a roadmap for MSP strategy and priorities

What does it do for your Clients?

Clearly establishes the differentiation of your MSP and the service levels they can expect

  • Presents a corporate wide vocabulary to share with your clients on your offerings
  • Sets roles within your organization to deliver the expected services
  • Provides operational efficiency of these services

Included in MSP Made Simple

MSP Made Simple Toolkit

Menu of Toolkit Components

Service Operations Strategy

When you need to rapidly reach decisions about your plans for the future, our Service Operations Strategy (SOS) process helps your management team identify a business strategy then define it in tactical terms. In addition to a documented strategy, the SOS toolkit supports the creation of a roadmap with milestones that ensures your strategy will be implemented as planned.

  • Service Operations Requirements
  • Selecting and Sponsoring Baseline Service Operations Assessment Activities
  • Conducting Service Operations Strategy Workshops
  • Service Operations Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Service Operations Strategy Launch
Business Relationship Management 

Whether you need to resolve customer satisfaction issues, streamline your portfolio of services or simply continue to reinforce you customer relationships, the six standalone process suites in this toolkit can be tailored precisely to your needs.

Business Relationship Management Governance

  • Business-IT Governance Plan
  • BRM Domains
  • BRM Roles & Responsibilities
  • BRM Metrics & MOS
  • ŸBRM Standards & Policies

Service Value Management

  • ŸValue Creation Ideation & Planning
  • Service Definition & Strategy
  • BRM Business Case
  • Service Value Model
  • Service Value Model, Metrics  & Scorecards

Strategic Portfolio Management

  • BRM Service Portfolio Management Strategy
  • Service Portfolio Classification Procedure
  • BRM Service Portfolio Management Plan
  • Service Portfolio Architecture
  • Business Fundamentals Roadmap

Strategic Relationship Management Part 1

  • Service Portfolio Inventory, Features & Classification
  • Service Portfolio Value Survey
  • Customer Value Hierarchy
  • Service Portfolio Value Proposition
  • Strategic Relationship Management SLAs
  • Customer Perception Action Plan
  • Service Portfolio Requirements
  • Service Fundamentals Roadmap

Strategic Relationship Management Part 2

  • Strategic Relationship Management Strategy
  • Customer Relationship Value Mapping
  • Customer Relationship Management Plan
  • Customer Relationship Improvement Plan
  • Service Portfolio Architecture and Provisioning
  • Customer Satisfaction Audits

Service Portfolio Investment Cycle Management

  • Service Portfolio Balancing
  • Service Provider Management Plan
  • Service Provider Requirements & Gap Analysis
  • Service Deployment & Risk Management Plan
  • Stakeholder Impact Analysis & Communication Planning
  • Service Provider Resource Management Plan
  • Service Provider SLAs
  • Service Infrastructure Management Plan
  • Business Transition Plan
  • Post Implementation Assessment (Value Tracking & Validation)
Program Management
Whether you need to coordinate the deployment of your Strategic roadmap, on-board a new customer, or manage a significant project (e.g. updating all your servers), program management has 15 process suites to choose from. Use the suites in this toolkit to maximize staff efficiency and productivity, ensure that routine tasks are not performed by highly skilled personnel, and zero-in on the actual cost of providing service to customers.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning
  • Impact Analysis
  • Service Development Planning
  • Resource Management Plan Development
  • Service Development Roadmap and Schedule Development
  • Service Development Budget Development
  • Stakeholder Communication Planning
  • Service Development Project Management
  • Service Development Project Status Reporting
  • Service Development Budget Management
  • Resource Utilization Tracking and Management
  • Service Development Risk Management
  • Service Development Change Management
  • Service Development Supplier Coordination & Management
  • Multiple Sub-Project Coordination and Management
System Administration (Service Operations Management)

When efficient management of your infrastructure is essential, the 3 process suites (Event, Incident, and Problem Management) can help you define an Operations SOP and track events and incidents efficiently with the tools you own (e.g. Service Now or BMC Remedy). The Problem Management suite is ideal for eliminating recurring issues.  Making effective use of existing tools is a benefit for selecting this toolkit.

  • Event Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management (Reactive)
  • Problem Management (Proactive)
Change Management

This toolkit can help you set policies for changes and help you manage changes to your infrastructures efficiently and effectively with the tools you already have in house (e.g. Service Now or BMC Remedy).

  • Ticket Intake and Management
  • Ticket Classification Ticket
  • Authorization Change Release Planning & Management
  • Change Post Implementation Review
Release Management

For organizations with large deployment projects only, the 16 process processes in this toolkit guide your team from Operational Readiness Certification through deployment, Post Implementation Review and knowledge transfer.

  • Operations Readiness Certification
  • Operational Readiness Review Early
  • Life Support Plan
  • Release Management Plan
  • Entry / Exit Criteria
  • Rollback Planning
  • Environment Planning
  • Communication / Knowledge Transfer Planning
  • RFC Management
  • Configuration Baseline
  • Deployment Schedule
  • Release Packages
  • Build/Test & Production Environments
  • Release Deployment
  • Post Implementation Review
  • Knowledge Transfer
Data Center Move & Technology Integration

Moving a data center once is a tough challenge. Doing it multiple time consistently requires repeatable processes. This toolkit guide you every step of the way, from making the decision of move a data center through post relocation validation of equipment and data.

  • Data Center Move Strategy
  • Data Center Move Planning
  • Supplier Selection & Management
  • Relocation Oversight & Management Technology Integration
  • Post Relocation Validation
  • Knowledge Transfer

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