Customized “MSP in a Box”

Delivering business results in 90 days 

Most VARs today have significant worries about tomorrow.  A startling number won’t be in business by 2020.  With their client base moving from on-premise to the cloud and other outside services, they are losing revenues as their traditional hardware deals are diminishing.  To maintain their base many VARs are striving to build a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Now the cycle of uncertainty begins.  Will these VARS be losing their significant clients and top performers? How will they redesign jobs and compensation structure? Can they manage adding new and unfamiliar functions that have never been staffed before to deliver 24/7 service?

If the VAR does manage to adapt and stand up a MSP, how do they continue to differentiate from all the other MSPs doing the same exact thing?  They must confront what to spend, how to spend it, and where to spend it, to meet a continually changing services goal for their existing clients, a moving target for both parties.  This will require a major restructure of their business, delivery strategy and costing model.

How do you get there from here?

Even facing these daunting prospects, some VARs become paralyzed by the sheer intensity and volume of the choices they face.  They must move deliberately forward to survive with the leaders in their industry.

Your MSP Solution:

Measured Business Results in 90 Days

With MSP Made Simple, our goal is to make the leap from VAR to MSP as painless and rapid as possible.

Our “MSP in a Box” does just that. It is the only completely customizable solution in the industry. Whether you are first standing up a service offering or trying to capture more profit from optimizing the MSPs you have, we can help.

Our Operations Thought Leader and MSP Made Simple’s Strategic and Operations processes will help you add new product lines from hardware sales to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of a MSP offering and provide the capability to mature with your offerings growth. When customized for your needs, your new MSP strategies and processes will deliver your measured business results in 90 days.

Our “MSP in a Box” includes the workflows, processes, templates, metrics, and training you need to determine strategic vision and differentiators through improved operational processes including Incident, Change and Problem Management.

Created to be easily adopted by your organization, we implement your solution quickly, efficiently and with the least disruption to your team. Instead of being stuck in the quagmire of questions, you can now respond competitively to the needs of your clients and start capturing your market share and driving your future.

“You guys make (and made) a difference.  Couldn’t ask for more! Hoping to get to a point where we can work together again”

Director of Service Delivery for IBM VAR

“MSP in a Box” responds to your needs

We understand the specific needs of your transformation, and our “MSP in a Box” helps you respond in 90 days:

  • MSP Pillarsto find the most cost-effective, least disruptive rapid way to move toward your ultimate vision in a manageable and phased approach
  • to offer services more desirable and effective than those of your competitors
  • to generate sustainable revenue streams as smoothly and quickly as possible
  • to create a staffing plan for your existing roles, outline the new roles that will be required, and the cost of that fulfillment
  • to understand the Risk-to-Benefit of your investment and minimize exposure of attempts that fail
  • to transition from Single Pay to MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

MSP Made Simple includes everything you’ll need to:

MSP Needs

Value Delivered By MSP Made Simple

Create sustainable revenue streams Provide customizable processes to stand up MSP solutions quickly
Need staffing plan for existing roles as well as new roles needed and cost Restructure and expand  staffing plan; (refine job descriptions and add new roles; modify compensation plan to align with roles); Identify budget implications; provide guidance in communicating changes and opportunities within organization
Make their services more desirable than competitors Provide strategy sessions to determine who their client should be and what services will acquire their business and maintain their loyalty
Most cost effective, least disruptive, rapid way to move toward ultimate vision in phased approach Roadmap to implement selected MSP (SMS APIs are industry standard solutions that have been proven effective in other companies that are ready to customize to your brand; includes documented processes, methods to measure results and can include customized training)
Understand risk to benefit of investment; minimize exposure on attempts that fail; how to transition from single pay to MRR (monthly recurring revenue)  Business case approach outlining full cost of investment compared to reasonable revenue projections
Ability to demonstrate value to customers of the MSP service arrangement Provides customer communication process that measures and demonstrates value.  (Refine approach being used to include valuable communication processes that include metrics that provide insight to improvements/issues.)
Need to know what my cost model is comparing cost to revenue and ways to improve the ratios We provide analysis of the expenses associated with fulfilling the contracts compared to agreed upon revenue. Documented processes available that provide cost reductions, redesigned job descriptions, staffing modifications
An independent understanding of staff issues Assessment of staff issues and needs for successful MSP. (Clear staffing plan with job descriptions, assignments based on skills, and appropriate compensation/incentives)
Get a handle on what is causing things to fail Rapidly provide problem management process to implement root cause analysis to decrease repetitive failures

Created on Microsoft Office Suite, our MSP Processes are easily adoptable into your organization and simply integrated to Operations tools such as Service Now and Remedy

The Future of your Business

is being defined now-

Is your Operation’s Organization

up to the challenge?